Sunday, September 2, 2012

Adventures in San Francisco...

So I just got back from my trip to SF for my folks' wedding... Its been nearly 12 years and they're officially husband and wife; I love it! The ceremony at The Fairmont Hotel was beautiful, simple and tasteful, and the reception at the Tonga Room was so much fun. I felt very blessed to be a part of it, and to witness two of the most important people in my life dedicate themselves to each other in such a wonderful way. I'm also very jealous that they're heading to Italy in October, but I do get to visit for Carnivale so that should be amazing. Still, I'm gonna miss them...

I was so happy to have spent the time that I did with them. The whole weekend was a blast! We ate dinner at an amazing pub called Farley's, where I met a very cute Irish lad who bought me a beer and we talked for a while. Then the next day more of our family joined us for brunch, and then us ladies went to Macy's where my stepdad paid for us to get pampered and have our makeup done. I went to Benefit, one because I love the product, and two, because the girls there seem to have a really good grasp on the whole 'vintage/pinup' style. Or at least they should, considering that's the whole image/concept behind Benefit lol...

Anyhoo! Here are a few photos from Saturday's shenanigans getting ready for the wedding!

My delicious breakfast at Cafe Mason in San Francisco: Irish Benedict.
That's eggs over medium on biscuits and corn-beef hash with hollindaise sauce. So good! 

The counter at the Brown Bar at Benefit. I wish I could open up my makeup kit and see all of this inside!

The adorable kit (and lipstick) that I got with my makeup! It was so perfect for the whole theme/concept of the wedding and everything. I just fell in love! Its a good thing I got it too, because house-keeping threw away my bag of makeup by mistake when they cleaned...

The inside of the kit with a beautiful orchid!

I was really happy with how my makeup turned out. I also tried out a new 'do for the night. I was going for something a bit fancier, partly inspired by Sally Jupiter in Watchmen when she's in her formal attire for the dinner celebration in the opening sequence. I surprised how nice the rolls turned out, although I need to work on them a bit more and learn how to hide the pins a little better. Overall, I loved how it looked! Especially with orchids. I just wish I could look this put-together every day! Lol!

Anyway! My very talented friend Danny took photos of the ceremony and reception, so I'll definitely be sure to share those with you guys when we get them back! Until then...

Lots of love! Outfit post coming soon!

xoxo Coco

P.S. Check out this awesome shout-out that my friend and fellow blogger Kari Shipman of Juniper * James gave me over at the Thrift Town blog! It was so sweet! I only wish there was a Thrift Town here in SoCal for me to get my thrift on!

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  1. Your make up looks amazing! It sounds like you had a wonderful time! xx