Saturday, September 8, 2012

In my own little corner...

As I get settled into my temporary place of living for the next few months, I can’t help but dream of my own little home; where it will be and how it will look. Unfortunately, I have very expensive eyes (something I inherited from my mother) and it can be difficult at times living with champagne tastes on a beer budget. If you lined up five very similarly-looking items, I will never fail to pick out the most expensive one out of the whole bunch, but I guess that just means I have a keen sense of quality? Anyway!

I’ve been dreaming of how I want to decorate my little one-bedroom or studio apartment when I get it, and I already have my sights set on a particular community in historic Los Angeles, but I know that my apartment will likely end up looking more like an antiques store if anything, which I don't mind if you don't ;) haha

I've mostly been drawing my inspiration from old photographs of celebrities in their homes, and some modern takes on vintage furnishing...

I really can't wait to have my own little corner where I can dress it up to my heart's content. I love the idea of purple, or even powder pink or tiffany blue, but I also can't get over just how classic silver and white gold are. I love art deco, and even Rococo design, but I just want to feel like a complete glamour goddess when I get home from work and kick off my heels and slip into a silk dressing robe. Yes, that's the life for me. Speaking of which...

I already have the vintage Dior robe just for the occasion! Lol!

And I will faint dramatically into bed in it like so! ;)

Goodnight, all! Sweet dreams!

xoxo Coco

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  1. Nice! I wish my house would look like that, maybe there are some simple d.i.y. things you can do to give the place an extra "oomph". It'd be cool if you wrote about that!